Month 03,  15/2022

Viettel has the most comprehensive digital digital conversion solution in Asia - Oceania

  • Military Industry - Telecommunications Group (Viettel) is the only enterprise of Vietnam to win the best technology enterprise category in Asia - Ocean Information Technology Awards (ASOCIO AWARDS 2021) Vietnam Information Technology and Information Technology Association (Vinasa) is nominated.
  • Viettel is a unit providing technology foundation for Covid-19 Country Vaccination Management System

ASOCIO is the region's leading prestigious information technology award, organized by the Asia-Asia Industry Organization in 2003, each awards rated more than 10,000 attendees to select Individual, Multiplication, organizations, businesses and governments apply technology efficiency into the fields of life, forming ecosystems of digital tranformation solutions.


IT Award for Technology Enterprise Category

Category Asia - Oceanic Excellent Technology Enterprises provides comprehensive service ecosystems. Viettel is the only Vietnamese enterprise to be nominated with 15 leading technology enterprises of Asian Member States - Oceania such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia ...

As the most complete corporate digital service provider in Vietnam, Viettel has completed 06 fields in society in number: number infrastructure, digital solutions, digital finance, digital content, Network security and high-tech production.

Viettel identifies the role of pioneering and maintaining in the implementation of the National CDS program, aiming for dual-targeting is both digital, digital, socio-economic development, and forming Vietnamese CNS enterprises Global outgoing force.


Products Viettel supports government and people.

In 2021, Viettel's digital products and services focused on supporting the Government, authorities and people in the whole country to achieve the goal: both economic development, both strive to minimize the impact of epidemics.

Viettel is a unit providing the technology platform for the Covid-19 Country Vaccination Management System, effectively supporting a wide range of vaccination campaigns nationwide. Support platform, remote medical examination and treatment consultancy (Telehealth) by Viettel helps connect more than 1,500 medical facilities, allowing medical examination and treatment in disease conditions.

In the field of education, Viettel's online learning and online exam management system is a tool for education sector to maintain online teaching, learning, examination and evaluation. During the epidemic, teachers and students in more than 32,000 educational institutions held nearly 4,000 online meetings, 600 conferences, more than 240,000 virtual classes, building more than 400,000 numerical materials.

Meanwhile, the smart city model developed by Viettel has just been announced by the World Communications Award Organizing Committee in the world. In recent years, there are 30 provinces and cities that sign the cooperation agreement with Viettel in the application of smart city construction technology.

Regarding digital finance, Viettel is ready to develop a co-type mobile money service across the country thanks to a network of more than 200,000 transaction points and accepting payment for platform products to Viettel Pay.

In the field of information security, Viettel provides a comprehensive network of network security solutions. The first half of 2021, Viettel prevented more than 12 thousand network attacks into government financial, banking systems, and information technology networks of the Government, ministries, branches, localities and large enterprises.