General introduction

Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation is the key research and production unit of Viettel specialized in military and civilian sectors, who has successfully internalized a complete process from researching, designing to manufacturing and selling cutting edge technology solutions. Armed with a team of talented and experienced professionals; a culture that value collaboration and forward thinking, we envision ourselves as a modern, intellectual abundant technology company whose brand is recognized across the globe.

Our products are based on Pioneer Technology platform, creating a high quality, reliable defense system entrusted with the mission of protecting the integrity and security of Vietnam’ s border sovereign; a network where everything is interconnected (5G, IoT, AI) for the socio-economic development.

With the mission of "Bringing simplicity to life, contributing to building a safe society where everything is intelligently connected", we confidently walk in sync with major technology corporations in the world. 

Total accumulated revenue from research and production of high-tech equipment as of today is 1.5 billion USD


The goal of building VHT becomes the nucleus of a high-tech defense industry complex, mastering core technology and meeting international standards.


Contributing to bringing Viettel and Vietnam's defense industry to the world level. Bringing simplicity to life, contributing to building a safe society where everything is intelligently connected.

Brand promise

We are committed to providing customers with international quality products, competitive prices, and the best package service.

and Culture of VHT

Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation was founded on 03/01/2019 by Viettel Group, through the combination of three original entities:
-  Viettel Research and Development Institute (Founded in 2011)
-  Viettel Network Technology Center (Founded in 2014)
-  Viettel IC Design Center (Founded in 2017)

The history of formation and development of us since its predecessor, Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation was established, can be divided into four phases: 
-State 1: 2011 - 2013 Newly set up, Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation self researched and developed products and put into the actual testing process in the units in the Army.
-State 2: 2014 - 2016 From a research only unit to become a research combined with production and sale unit
-State 3: 2017 - 2018 Own core technology, building international processes and standards, apply 4.0 industry (AI,big data) to create products that meet all needs  of customers, which lead to the way of international business
-State 4: From 01/2019 Viettel Group reorganised its structure and announced the establishment of Viettel Hi-Tech Industries Corporation (VHT) which operates in three main areas: military technology, information technology and civilian equipment.

Cultural philosophy

We build a cooperative group, a healthy, friendly environment, a place where employees can be creative and devoted to development. There are 8 core values of Viettel family.

Practise is the standard test of truth


Growth comes from challenges and failures


Rapid adaptation is the key for competition


Innovation is vitality


Systematically thinking


Combine eartern and western culture


Apply the manner of sodiers


Viettel is the second family

Action philosophy


It is a strong courage for officials and employees to be able to provide a vision that goes beyond the present, even to create the future, with a scientific approach, the ability to think outside the box to solve problems in a faster, more accurate and efficient way than the usual ways the vast majority of people do.


Directly create the own product from the beginning of selecting raw materials to finish the final products with the sophistication and meticulous in every step. This philosophy has become a principle for all staffs of Viettel High Tech


Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha

General Director of Viettel High Tech

Mr. Nguyen Cuong Hoang

Deputy General Director of VHT

Mr. Nguyen Minh Quang

Deputy General Director of VHT

Mr. Dao Vu Kien

Deputy General Director of VHT

Mr.Tang Truong Son

Deputy General Director of VHT

VHT tekway


Owning the leading research and production infrastructure in Vietnam.
The laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 certified.
Standard international manufacturer.


Comprehensive international cooperation with the US, Germany, France, Canada, Israel, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, India, Korea, Turkey, Singapore, Australia in 4 main areas:

- Research and develop core technologies for products
- Modernize the research infrastructure system
- Construction of supporting industries
- Sharing knowledge

Human resources

Over 1,300 high-quality personnel from universities and research institutions at home and abroad. In which, over 20% of staff are PhD/Master, ~80% University.

VHT is a Research, Production and business unit in the field of high-tech industry with many challenging tasks of national stature. Our staff is young, highly qualified, experienced in leading scientific research in Vietnam. The leadership team has the mindset and vision, has the ability to lead the organization and cares about employees. The working environment at VHT is dynamic and healthy.

R&D Strategy

From the starting point in 2017 and earlier, Viettel High Tech Industry Corporation annually registers from 60-70 inventions per year. Till December 2021, the total number of VHT's applications has reached nearly 300, the number of patents granted nationally is 39, in particular, 5 newly granted by the US Patent and Trademark Admministration international patents.

Regarding the development orientation in the coming time, Colonel Nguyen Vu Ha, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of VHT shared: “Viettel has been determined to become the nucleus of Vietnam's high-tech defense industrial complex. Vietnam in the not too distant future. In which, VHT must play the role of "the nucleus of the nucleus".

VHT's strategy will always be to evenly develop all 3 pillars of military - civil - telecommunications with the motto of mastering high technology with a level parallel to the world.


Sao Khue Award in 2021

Stevies Award 2018

Vietnam Glory Award 2022

Ho Chi Minh Award in Science and Technology 2022

Government emulation flags in 2013, 2015

2017 Department of Defense Emulation Flag

Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister in 2014

Third-class National Defense Medal (2017)