Currently, VHT researches and develops high-tech industrial products according to the combat model C5ISR (Command, Control, Computer, Communication, Cyber, Interlligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) – is a modern combat model applied in many countries with advanced military science in the world.

The combat model performs 04 main tasks
In addition, VHT researches and develops simulation model systems for Army training.


The equipment performs reconnaissance, collects input information on the battlefield and transmits it to the Central Command.

Information and orders transmitting

Including new communication equipment products, systems, integrated with the world's leading security technology.

Information processing and command supporting

Automated command and control systems serve the army and army.

Cyber ​​warfare

Command and control automation systems help to process then analyze situations and support commanders to make quick decisions.

Command and Control

Viettel has researched and developed command automation systems to the 5th generation to perform command, control and computing tasks in the C5ISR combat model.

Unmanned aircraft

Applying many advanced technologies in the field of aerospace, materials technology, propulsion technology, electronics, sensors for reconnaissance, intelligence, control and navigation

Electronic Warfare

The 2nd generation jammer and 3rd generation reconnaissance system are capable of detecting, locating, catching, classifying and identifying sources of communication signals, transmitting radar pulses to equip electronic warfare forces


Radio communication equipment - 4th and 5th generation for military and civil applications to ensure accurate and reliable communication.


Observation, surveillance, reconnaissance and target indication using thermal imaging technology of the 3rd and 3rd+ generations, for personal use, on vehicles and observatories.


2D, 3D radars of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations, to perform surveillance missions, detect air and sea targets and direct fire to meet the different needs of the military customer.

Modelling and Simulation

Our simulation systems provides training environments in various branches and fields, including both military and civil applications.


Partners have trusted and used high-tech military products researched and developed by Viettel High Tech.

Information Army

Armored Army

Border Guard Command

Department of Electronic Warfare

Military District Corps

Air Defence