Terminal Device Layers

In order to serve the access to the telecommunications network, the terminal equipment class we research and manufacture includes high-tech products for people's daily life such as IOT, Smart City, Security Phone (VIPPHONE)...

Access & Transmission Layer

Transport networks provide connections to transport traffic between nodes in a telecommunications network. There are two types: Wired transmission and wireless transmission. Wired transmission uses transmission medium via coaxial cable, optical cable, radio transmission uses radio transmission medium with SDH/PDH microwave terminals.

Core & Service/Application Layers

Products that take charge of charging tasks, provide voice, message, video, data, user database services... OCS, 5G core network, EPC, IMS, MSC, SMSC (layer) core) and the CRBT waiting ringtone system (Application layer).

Telecommunications solutions

With the ability to master the entire core network of telecommunications, we have created solutions of different scopes and scales to better serve businesses and individuals in modern work.


Anti-spam is a system based on big data, machine learning platform to protect users from spammers. Anti-spam protect customer from annoying and phishing calls and SMS messages. Besides, network operator is able to improve customer‘s satisfaction, increase broadcast services revenues.


Voice BrandName is a service that allows displaying the enterprise’s brand name/product/service/brand on the mobile device by encrypting enterprise phone numbers into their brand name. Voice BrandName helps enterprises to improve customer experience, increase the ability to connect with customers, contributing to increasing their revenue.

A2P Messaging

A system that provides message services for applications.

5G Core

Viettel 5G core network is built on the Cloud Native platform, based on microservices technology, and simultaneously combines the functions of core network for 4G (EPC) and 5G core network (5GC) into a same platform supporting for both 5G and 4G. The solution is developed based on 3GPP Release 16 including 5G NSA and SA model.

Private Network

The system provides flexible and highly mobile solutions to deploy 5G private network for organizations and businesses with specific requirements.