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Tháng 11,  07/2023

Viettel represents Vietnam national pavilion at the Defense and Security exhibition 2023 in Thailand



On November 6, 2023, the Defense and Security Exhibition 2023 commenced its grand opening at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Representing the Viettel Military Telecommunications Industry Group, Viettel High Tech proudly participated as the Vietnam National Pavilion. This momentous occasion marks the first time that Vietnamese weapons and military equipment products have been showcased at this esteemed international military exhibition, ranked among the Top 15 events worldwide and holding the prominent position of being Southeast Asia's premier event, taking place every two years for the past two decades. Viettel's participation in this event reflects their commitment to strengthening international relations and forging strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia and Asia as a whole. Prior to this, in September 2023, Vietnam made its inaugural appearance and diligently promoted its business endeavors at the International Defense Industry Exhibition - MSPO (Poland), further solidifying the promising prospects and opportunities for business growth in the defense industry within the European region.

Mr Nguyen Vu Ha, General Director of Viettel High Tech stated: “We have taken the opportunity to represent Vietnamese defense industry companies in this event due to the immense potential in this field." 

Furthermore, he shared his aspirations by stating: "Our primary objective is to secure contracts and expand our product exports."

The event serves as a remarkable platform to showcase the continuous advancements made by Vietnam's defense industry, while also promoting defense products proudly labeled as "Made in Vietnam." With an impressive area of nearly 100 square meters, Vietnam's national pavilion at Defense & Security 2023 showcases an array of 60 product categories through models and videos, encompassing eight distinct categories: Communications, Electronic Warfare, Simulation Models, Optoelectronics, Radar, Command and Control, UAVs, and Private Network.

The theme of Defense & Security 2023 is "Power of Partnership," emphasizing the event's focus on fostering connections between governments of various countries and global businesses in the defense industry. It is regarded as a significant opportunity to promote multinational cooperation and solidarity within the sector. Viettel recognizes this as a prime occasion to expand its network and bolster business promotion with potential customers in the region, aligning with Viettel's strategic vision and target market.

On the opening day, Viettel received a warm reception, welcoming over 50 international delegations, including governmental representatives from countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, India, and more.

Approximately 500 prominent military manufacturers from 50 countries will jointly with Viettel at Defense & Security. Renowned companies such as Thales Group from France, Saab Group from Sweden, Diehl Group from Germany, ASELSAN Group from Turkey, and Embraer Aerospace Corporation from Brazil are among the notable attendees. Furthermore, there will be 30 distinguished national pavilions, including those from Thailand, China, and the UAE. The event is set to attract over 20,000 experts hailing from 65 countries, alongside more than 400 official delegations representing over 35 nations.

The exhibition unites a diverse range of military product lines catering to combat needs across the navy, air force, and army. The showcased defense and security equipment encompasses an extensive array, including weapons systems, firearms, missiles, tanks, UAVs, transport and maritime vehicles, satellites and telecommunications, electronic defense technology, fire control systems, launchers, and other crucial military systems. In addition to hardware and software, the exhibition also highlights areas such as cyber security, rescue services, disaster prevention products, and more.

About Viettel Group

Viettel Group, recognized as the top brand in Vietnam, operates across 11 countries and territories. Their services reach a vast customer base of over 270 million individuals worldwide, spanning Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Within Viettel's diverse portfolio, the defense industry holds a prominent position as one of their key areas of focus. Viettel has achieved remarkable success in researching, developing, and manufacturing numerous cutting-edge military products and equipment, thereby making significant contributions to the advancement of Vietnam's defense industry.

About Viettel High Tech 

Viettel High Technology Industry Corporation, also known as Viettel High Tech, serves as a cornerstone within the Viettel Group's industry - high technology sector. Viettel High Tech consistently broadens its research, expertise, and production capabilities in response to the pressing demand for weapons, technical equipment, and next-generation weaponry. Currently, Viettel High Tech places significant emphasis on promoting the export of "Make in Vietnam" products to key global markets.

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