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VHT expands its market in Poland

Tháng 09,  13/2023

This cooperation is an important milestone, opening up many new prospects and opportunities for both VHT and Mac Management in the defense sector, with the goal of jointly developing and expanding the market.

By combining the strengths and experiences of each party, according to the cooperation agreement, VHT and Mac Management commit to supporting each other in promoting and accessing markets with great potential.z4676239979464-f5c9d5ac541f0ebb4fb8b07f9f4addab

The General Director of Mac Management, Ms. Urszula Sciborowska, said that Mac Management is ready to connect VHT to the Polish market. Ms. Urszula Sciborowska proposed that in the coming time, VHT and Mac Management need to discuss more specifically; each side needs to assign detailed working groups to achieve the set goals. The General Director of Mac Management commented that Viettel owns many types of radars that keep up with advanced technology, and Mac Management clearly understands which businesses in the Polish market need this type of product. Commercially, Mac Management is ready to connect VHT with partners in Poland who want to cooperate, buy, and integrate products. In addition, Mac Management can connect VHT with leading Polish technical experts. Mac Management is an enterprise with an experienced team of Polish consultants and senior experts.

After the signing ceremony, VHT Deputy General Director Tang Truong Son introduced VHT's business areas to Mac Management. VHT's strength is in the Asian and Southeast Asian markets. Therefore, VHT is ready to introduce and support Mac Management in markets where VHT has strengths.

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