Liên hệ

Giới thiệu chung

Anti-spam is a system based on big data, machine learning platform to protect users from spammers. Anti-spam protect customer from annoying and phishing calls and SMS messages. Besides, network operator is able to improve customer‘s satisfaction, increase broadcast services revenues.


Deployed in markets of Vietnam, Myanmar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Peru, Cambodia.

Tính năng

  • Receiving messages, call from SMSC, OCS system and make real-time block decision.
  • Identifying according to the characteristics of user behavior, SMS/Call content. Using machine learning technology, natural processing language, voice recognition to decide the message, call to be spam, fraud or normal.
  • Providing Dashboard that consists statistic data, confiuration, data label…
  • Promote and Manage named broadcast services such as Brandname call and sms that increase customer‘s satifaction.