Liên hệ

Giới thiệu chung

  • A system that provides message services for applications.
  • Acting as an intermediary HUB between CP/SP/SMPPGW applications and SMSC systems in the telecommunications network.
  • Support applications that can deploy messaging programs to a variety of domestic and international subscribers without any worry about complicated connection infrastructure in the network.

Tính năng

  • Provide a full range of messaging services for 2G/3G/4G subscribers.
  • Capacity: 10000 SMS/s.
  • Supports unlimited number of connections to CP/ SP/SMPPGW/SMSC.
  • Supports connection according to MAP/Sigtran and SMPP protocols with flexible Client or Server role.
  • Integrating a variety of route directions and message flows: Submit Submit/Deliver/MT; Deliver Submit/Deliver/MT; MT Submit/Deliver/MT.