Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation held the official launch ceremony

Month 05,  27/2019

On May 24, 2019, the launching ceremony of Viettel High Technology Corporation (Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation - VHT) was solemnly held at Viettel Sports Center marking an important milestone in the process of formation and development. development of the Corporation.

Viettel Hi-Tech Corporation was established on the basis of importing 3 units, namely Viettel Research and Development Institute, Viettel Network Technology Research Center, and Viettel Microchip Research and Development Center. The main task of Viettel High-Tech Corporation is to focus on two fields of defense industry, electronics and telecommunications companies.

The ceremony was honored to welcome Comrade Nguyen Manh Hung - Member of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Information and Communications and Senior Lieutenant General Pham Ngoc Minh - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army and delegates and valued customers. leaders and former leaders of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the commodity units of the Corporation. On the side of Viettel Group, there was the presence of Major General Le Dang Dung - Acting Chairman of the Group's General Director and leaders, former leaders of the Group and affiliated units.

At the beginning of the program, the delegates and guests visited the exhibition area of ​​the Corporation's products

The exhibition is also impressive when the products are highly experiential, viewers can visually test the outstanding features of each product.

Right after the exhibition, distinguished guests and employees attended the Launching Ceremony in the hall. Here, a historical period of the formation and development of the manufacturing industry in general and cultural culture in particular has been faithfully recreated through a documentary film titled "Journey to conquer the dream of researching products". export”. The guests and staff had the opportunity to relive memorable moments from the inception of Viettel's manufacturing industry to the challenging times when performing tasks in difficult conditions, and happy emotions. explode when the product achieves success.

Major General Le Dang Dung Acting Chairman and General Director of Viettel Group gave orientation and assignment of tasks to the Corporation

Comrade Major General Le Dang Dung, Acting Chairman and General Director of Viettel Group, affirmed that by 2030, Viettel will be in the TOP 10 of the largest telecommunications - information technology enterprises in the world.

“Only by mastering core technology can a country become a developed and advanced country. Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation has been and will be an important factor in contributing to the military modernization process, gradually building a synchronous, modern infrastructure and strong resources for the military. development of defense industry and national industry will bring Vietnam out of the middle-income trap and become a developed country", comrade Le Dang Dung affirmed.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Vu Ha - General Director of the Corporation in the presentation of the development strategy of VHT in the coming period emphasized the Corporation's mission: "Bringing simplicity to life, contributing to the contribution of VHT's mission to life. building a safe society where everything is intelligently connected"

The launch of TCT was also marked by the sacred torch relay, the flame representing knowledge, the desire to discover passion was ignited on the stage of the Launching Ceremony, the flame was personally owned by the owner. President Le Dang Dung presented to VHT.

The establishment of Viettel CNC Technology Corporation continues Viettel's fourth stage of development, which is to become a High-Tech Industry Group with three key industries: defense industry, electronics and telecommunications industry, and industry. network security, taking the lead in the process of "Make in Vietnam", bringing products: defense, dual-use, network technology to the international market.

Product lines Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation has researched and produced:

In the field of defense:

- The military information system ensures communication and electronic warfare both on land, in the air and at sea.

- Electronic warfare system

- Command and control system

- Digital radar system with AI application in processing, target display and interference for the air force and navy.

- Simulation system for combat training.

- Optoelectronic system to support observation, surveillance, reconnaissance and target indication using thermal imaging technology.

In the civil field:

- vOCS real-time billing system,

- Switching system for 3G vMSC networks,

- vSMSC messaging system,

- 4G transceiver station - eNodeB,

- 4G vEPC core network switchboard.

- System of waiting ringtones vCRBT

- Terminals and auxiliary equipment such as: Security mobile phones, ONT fiber optic broadband fixed terminals, Site Router transmission equipment.

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