The centralized IoT management system provided by Viettel High Tech

Innoway - Viettel IoT Platform has its own ecosystem and can support third-party devices. With its four main layers: Things (devices), Connectivity, Core IoT functional. There are 4 main classes: Things (device), Connectivity (connection), IOT core feature, Application and data analysis.

  • Comprehensive platform

Because Viettel provides a complete process from connectivity to infrastructure, we can support integration, optimize connection quality, and provide management and monitoring tools.

  • Time-saving

Take advantage of our rich solution repository to quickly build applications for customers.

  • Unlimited personalization.

The ability to create and modify features flexibly to meet business requirements.

VTAG tracking equipment

A tracking equipment locate and monitor children or valuable objects with 2 technologies of NB-IoT and GSM

INNOWAY - Viettel IoT Platform

Innoway - Viettel IoT Platform is designed to reduce cost and optimize time to market in the construction of comprehensive IoT solutions, including Device layer, Connectivity layer, Backend layer, and Application layer. The platform is designed to be highly expandable, allowing developers to develop solutions easily and integrate devices from various manufacturers.