Products of Viettel Hi-Tech Industrial Coropration attended the MWC 2019 World mobile conference

Month 05,  05/2018

This is the 5th time in a row that Viettel is the only representative of Vietnam to attend the biggest annual event of the year in the global mobile technology industry.

At MWC 2019, Viettel brings four smart connectivity solutions, including:

  • The smart carrier solution group aims to personalize each customer in business operations and user experience. At the same time, the system will support billions of subscribers when deploying the connection of things.
  • The smart city solution group focuses on meeting the needs of being able to monitor and operate the areas that directly affect the city's operations such as: Traffic, Public Security, Emergency Response. ..
  • The group of network security solutions serves the needs of early detection of anomalies or remote attacks on organizations' IT systems.
  • The smart terminal solution group for the maritime industry supports both the management needs of the authorities and the need to protect the fishermen at sea.

Right before the opening day of MWC 2019, the Mobile Association - GSMA announced that Viettel is one of the first 50 carriers in the world and the only one in Vietnam that has successfully deployed NB-IoT technology - the first technology in the world in which  to help deploy the connection of things. The successful implementation of NB-IoT is one of the steps to build a digital society in Vietnam.

Mobile World Congress is the biggest technology event of the year for the mobile industry, attracting 200 countries and territories (of which 60% come from the European market, 18% come from the Americas, and 15% come from the US). from Asia…). MWC has an average of more than 2,400 exhibition booths and attracts more than 3,500 international media agencies to attend and report.

Products Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation brings to MWC 2019
1. Smart carrier solution group:

vOCS 3.0: vOCS is a real-time billing system. The latest version supports building a virtual telecommunications network model and supports non-user (M2M) subscribers up to billions of subscribers.
EPC: EPC is a packet-switched core network system that provides services (voice and data) on the 4G LTE platform, helping users data faster and establishing low-latency volte calls, helping users secure be informed when accessing data.
2. Group of network security solutions - Viettel SOC: A system to detect abnormalities or attacks occurring in the information technology systems of organizations.
3. Marine intelligent device product group: The group of digital solutions for the maritime industry includes 4 products: S-Tracking vessel tracking device, AIS automatic ship identification device, Information machine HF communication, Personal distress signaling device (VPLB).



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