"I feel like I'm back to my youth when I see Viettel"

Month 09,  14/2023

Meeting Viettel young people, Mr. Andrzej Kapeluszny listened to them introduce military products and then introduced: "I participated in building the first important communication station of Inter-Region V and the Central Government in Vietnam." . This is considered a revolutionary base, counterbalancing the US Cam Ranh airport at that time.


An “Oh!” rang out, and all Viettel delegation members were extremely surprised.

Taking on the assignment where he worked at that time, the Polish Ministry of Information and Communications, Mr. Andrzej set out to Vietnam when he was not yet 25 years old. The first time he came to a country on the other side of the hemisphere, he was nervous. but also excited with the desire to be able to use my intelligence to bring something useful to Vietnam. Landing at the airport, he continued to move from the North to Cam Ranh airport.He and a group of Polish experts researched and surveyed the construction of a communications station.

Today, even though he is 86 years old, Mr. Andrzej traveled 173 km from the capital Warsaw to the city of Kielce and was extremely surprised when from Afar, he saw a booth with the words Viettel on it. And he was even more surprised when Viettel had mastered many lines of information devices. As a person who participated in building the first radio station for Vietnam, he emotionally shared: "I am really happy that Viettel has successfully researched military communication devices on its own. You have truly mastered it."

He shared: "Seeing you guys, I feel like I'm back to my youth; I see a part of my youth with the years spent with Vietnam. I see my passion and enthusiasm that day, just as you are sharing your passion and aspirations today. I am even more happy to meet talented and warm young people like you. Your welcome and gifts, such as a shirt and a pen with the Viettel logo, made me even more touched. Vietnam and Poland, the relationship between our two countries is always cordial."


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