DSA 2024: Viettel High Tech sets strategic expansion in Malaysia’s Defense and High Tech markets

Month 05,  07/2024

At the opening ceremony of Defense and Security Exhibition – DSA & NATSEC happening on 06/05/2024 at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), representatives of Viettel Group, Viettel High Technologies Industries (Viettel High Tech), has signed strategic partnership agreement with leading companies in Malaysia including MIM Defense (reputatble provider in high technology military products); and Transpro (40-year-experienced hi-tech System Integrator in Millitary and Telecomunication sector). These strategic partnership agreements will utilize strength of both sides to develop business opportunities in SEA region. 

Accordingly, MIM Defense, with their comprehensive knowledge and experience in Malaysia market, will be the key partner in marketing, seeking for opportunity and distributing Viettel High Tech’s product in Malaysia, especially in the field of defense and security. Detailed list of products set out to be partnered includes: Communications, Electro-Optics, Radar, Multi-system Integration, Electronic Warfare, … Similarly, Viettel High Tech will be the product marketing channel of MIM Defense in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. These are the markets Viettel has affirmed their brand in the field. 


Mr. Rear Admiral Dato Alias, President of MIM, affirmed:“Our partnership with Viettel positions MIM Defense to deliver top-tier solutions to the Malaysian government. Moving forward, this collaboration will enable an exchange of resources, expertise, and technologies that will strengthen the defense industries of both nations. We are particularly well-equipped in integration and providing product consignment to the Navy capabilities that are critical given the urgent maritime security needs in Malaysia. Viettel’s products have met our high standards and expectations”. 

Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha, General Director of Viettel High Tech highlights:“Customization is the key strength of VHT. We are confident in fulfilling any specific requirements from customers. With this partnership, we sincerely hope our trusted partner_MIM Defence can enable VHT solutions bring better value to our prospective customers, especially Malaysian Army in coming time”. 

Viettel's key products leverage the latest technology platforms to ensure dependable performance in modern warfare environments. In the field of Military Communications, our models feature advanced technologies that facilitate smart shortwave transmission lines, allowing the system to automatically and swiftly select the best frequency, speed, and bandwidth. This capability ensures stable and reliable communications over distances up to several thousand kilometers. For Radar, we have developed state-of-the-art near and medium-range maritime radar systems tailored for naval operations. Our Electro-Optics products are designed with high aiming stability and large focal length optical lenses, enabling the detection of targets from several tens of kilometers away. These products are compact and offer extensive connectivity, making them easily integrable with onboard command and control systems. In Electronic Warfare, Viettel has pioneered early warning systems and electronic intelligence/reconnaissance technologies that can autonomously detect, analyze, and identify radio-emitting targets, with easy updates and upgrades built into the design...etc.. 

During the opening ceremony, Viettel High Tech finalized a strategic cooperation agreement with TRANSPRO, a leading Malaysian company. As part of this agreement, Transpro will act as Viettel's distribution channel in Malaysia, focusing on critical sectors. These include Modelling & Simulation, with an emphasis on combat training simulation systems, as well as 5G Private networks and advanced military communications solutions..etc...

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