General introduction

  • Viettel Site Router 100G is an equipement specially designed for application in the transmission infrastructure for 5G networks, applying the most advanced technologies in the access layer of the metro network to meet 5G application services. In addition, the SRT 100G also aggregates traffic flows of 3G, 4G, 5G mobile radio networks, fixed access networks, business networks, and the carrier's transmission network.
  • Products are already deployed in Vietnam market.


  • Supports Layer 2 (IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.3), Layer 3 (OSPF, BGP, RIP v1/2, PBR) protocols.
  • Support IP/MPLS (L2VPN, L3VPN), Segment routing, SDN.
  • Support Multicast feature (PIM SM, PIM SSM, IGM v1/v2/v3).
  • Supports the ability to set quality of service (QoS).
  • IPv6 support and features that work over IPv6 (routing, VPN, segment routing).
  • Support the ability to restore End-to-End service in < 200ms
  • Supports synchronization for 5G networks on PTP 1588v2 sync protocols, SyncE synchronization protocols
  • Support configuration via SSH, Telnet, authentication and authorization via RADIUS, TACACS, monitoring device activities via SNMPv2/3, telemetry.
  • Compatible with other vendors' routers.