General introduction

With unique features, the Smart Purifier - Fresh Air Supply product was born as the best solution for families who are experiencing pressing problems when the family's apartment often feels discomfort, adversely affecting the health of the whole family.


  • Super clean air filter
  • With a filter combination consisting of 03 best filter layers: Coarse dust filter, Deodorizing filter (activated carbon) and HEPA Filter (H13) allowing to filter out up to 99.95% of fine dust and allergens for people.
  • Built-in bipolar ion emitter creates a high density of negative ions to help strongly kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the air, creating a cool and pleasant feeling like being in the forest or under a fresh waterfall.
  • Equipped with ultraviolet (UVC) light strips to eliminate bacteria, mold or harmful elements right on the filter system, making the air in the room really cleaner than ever.
  • MOST UNIQUE Technology - Fresh air supply solution:
  • With solely Smart Purifier, all worries about the occlusion in the apartment will be solved immediately by the ability to get air from the outside to reduce CO2 concentration and increase O2 gas, making the whole apartment breathable and airy unsurpassedly.
  • With smart calculation technology, when the CO2 concentration reaches the harmful threshold for the human body, the Smart Purifier will automatically open the door to take outside air and bring it into the room, helping the whole family to enjoy a better, more complete and safer sleep for mental health.
  • IoT connectivity
  • As a device manufactured by Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation, Smart Purifier is also integrated into IOT (Internet of Things) technology allowing users to control devices anytime, anywhere with Wi-Fi waves through using apps on personal mobile phones.