General introduction

  • Artificial intelligence camera platform of Viettel – Viettel Al Camera Platform is a platform supporting application development and end-user solutions based on smart camera.
  • The platform operates in the manner of an innovative platform, acting as the foundation for development of smart applications for 5 key areas: Apartment Security; Smart Building; Smart Traffic; Smart Production; Smart Agriculture.


  • VHT provides SDK, pre-trained model, camera model.
  • Increasing revenue from selling and developing applications for VHT.
  • Providing backend platform, connection API, model solution.
  • Safe and secure when using cloud of Viettel.
  • Smart and flexible applications and services.
  • Providing solutions for Smart Apartment; Smart Building; Smart City.
  • User services: Streaming, event storage, video, end-to-end encryption.
  • Installing AI applications.
  • Integrating available camera (3rd parties).