Congratulations VOCS 3.0 Receives International Business Gold Award

Month 05,  04/2019

The real-time billing system (vOCS 3.0) participated in the International Business Stevie Awards (IBA) for the first time and was also the only Vietnamese IT product to receive the Gold award in the Product/Product category. Best service of the year.

A representative of the Board of Directors of the OCS Research Center received the award and spoke at the IBA - International Business Awards Ceremony held in London, England last week.

vOCS 3.0 of Vietnam received this award this year along with Ooredoo - Qatar with the world's fastest 5G service, Singtel - Singapore with an interactive vending system, Telkom - Indonesia with a mobile application Mobile automatic positioning for naval ships... vOCS 3.0 of Viettel was highly appreciated by the jury for its creativity; impact on a large number of users of products when personalized for each customer, serving customers separately. Currently, Viettel's vOCS 3.0 has been put into use in 11 countries of Viettel with 170 million mobile subscribers, vOCS 3.0 has a capacity of each site that can meet up to 100 million subscribers. The most special feature that vOCS 3.0 possesses is the ability to design a package for each customer – something that no other OCS in the world has been able to do.

The jury of IBA - International Business Stevie Awards 2018 was very positive and all agreed for the Gold award. vOCS shows the thoroughness of those who research and build products as well as the ability to solve a big problem in the telecommunications field that is the reticence of data service providers. in the unification/integration of voice and data on a real-time billing system. This jury is looking forward to seeing the birth of a new business model from this highly advanced real-time billing system.

Ms. Clara – Media Director for Asia

IBA - International Business Awards - International business awards have been held annually since 2003. In order to honor the achievements and positive contributions of businesses and individuals around the globe to the community benefits, in which IT and telecommunications sectors. IBA 2018 attracted more than 3,900 nominations from all types of organizations/enterprises across 74 countries. In 2018, besides Viettel, there were two more Vietnamese enterprises that received the Gold Award for International Business: Flamingo Group received the Gold Award for the project "Forest in The Sky" and TH true Milk received the Gold Award for the "Export Entrepreneur" category. color of the year".

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