Perform guarding responsibilities, detect air and sea targets, and direct firepower to fulfill the needs of customers in the military and civil fields.

Viettel’s products are applied the latest technologies of Radar field. Direct RF-sampling technology and Active  Electronically Scanned Array Antenna Technology applied to all types of guarding/modern fire indicator radars. Transceiver and signal processing technology of linear frequency modulation continuously applied to low-weight, high-resolution radars to detect small-sized targets. Viettel has applied AI in processing, displaying target and interference.

Viettel's radar lines are fully integrated with electronic warfare features for the needs of modern warfare. In which, the most notable features are moving positive noise effect on the side wave, identifying frequency and direction of noise source, frequency hopping, energy concentration, frequency diversity, and so on.

3D S-Band Tactical Surveillance Radar

3D L-Band Tactical Surveillance Radar

Medium-Altitute Surveillance Radar

Low-Altitude Surveillance Radar

3D S-Band Medium-Range Surveillance Radar

Medium-Range Coastal Surveillance Radar

Short-Range High Resolution Surveillance Radar