Observation, surveillance, reconnaissance and target indication using thermal imaging technology of the 3rd and 3rd+ generations.

Our thermal imaging Optronic devices can be used in military and civil applications, with the benefits of quick heat-emitting object detection, good observation conditions in low-light environments, independent from illumination conditions, and increased sensitivity in foggy or dusty conditions.

Designed by a team of experienced engineers and experts with the latest technologies, our products are capable of detecting small targets at high speed and are equivalent to the most advanced NATO products at the moment. Product customization services following individual user requirements are also available.

AI, the latest generation of image processing technology, is also being developed in our Optronic products. It is applied in intelligent monitoring systems for multi-object tracking, auto-classification, and auto-identification in security surveillance, reconnaissance, target indication, and fire control scenarios.

Short-Range Thermal Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

A camera for security monitoring of important areas (ports, border gates, airports, …), equipped on mobile vehicles (battle command vehicles, patrol boats …).

Thermal Binoculars

As a versatile handheld thermal imaging reconnaissance device, equipped for the army and the patrol groups and teams, in service of day and night reconnaissance in all weather conditions.

Long-Range Thermal Camera

A multi-channel optronic system (infrared / visible) being capable of observing, detecting, tracking and providing information on aerial targets.

Long-Range Thermal Camera

A multi-channel optronic system (infrared, visible) oriented to equip warships and coast guard vessels to support observation, reconnaissance and target pointing, providing target information for firepower control systems on board.

Thermal Weapon Sight

As a device to observe, detect and aim at targets all night and day, with using non-refrigerated thermal imaging technology. the device is equipped synchronously for SVD and GALIL sniper rifle.