Electronic warfare is a means of multiplying power and is one of the three major parts of high-tech warfare.

Viettel has been developing the 3rd and 4th generation intelligent electronic warfare product lines (Congnitive Electronic Warface), including lines of electronic reconnaissance, electronic suppression and electronic protection, operating in a wide frequency range, ensuring modern and effective combat capabilities in the electronic field. Viettel’s electronic warfare products are designed to ensure the following factors:

OPEN: The products are designed with wide to super wide spectrum; including radio, infrared, optical, ultraviolet spectrums allowing dealing with all types of signals and targets. Software defined radio allows easy, fast addition and update of signal processing algorithms.

COMPACT: The products are designed on a highly modular basis allowing easy optimization of designs for workstations, vehicle-mounted, drones or carry-on. The carry-on or hand-held product lines are optimally designed in terms of size, weight and energy consumption.

CONNECT: Standardizing the design allows products to easily connect to each other to become an effective combat system as well as connect to headquarters at all levels according to the standard model of C5ISR.

INTELLIGENCE: The products are capable of collecting, analyzing, decoding and processing big data (big data analysis); applying machine learning that allows automatic processing of test replacement when necessary.

Signal Intelligence System

Cellphone Jammer

Radio Frequency Jammer

Reconnaissance and Jamming Machine

Electronic Intelligence System