Solving almost all communication problems in military and civil fields to ensure accurate, fast and reliable communication.

Viettel’s communication products are fully compatible with US military communication standards and NATO standards. The products are of high quality, fully mastered in core technologies, features and specifications, capable of being customized to meet customer requirements and at reasonable prices.

Viettel masters core technologies such as: SDR technology; artificial intelligence (deep learning, deep reinforcement learning..) ; high-speed broadband adaptive communication technologies (hundreds of Mbps to Gbps); long-range communication technologies (up to thousands of kilometers away); cognitive radio technology (a new generation adaptive communication technology that allows access to increasingly narrow bandwidth while the number of devices accessing bandwidth is increasing); high-frequency hardware technologies (to GHz) with broadband processing hardware system (tens of MHz).

Viettel has also developed the latest technologies to make the product resistant to electronic warfare such as: high-speed adaptive frequency hopping (thousands of frequency hops/second); communication waveforms developed by Viettel with its own security features; advanced signal processing technologies (MIMO, OFDM, Turbo code, LDPC code...); multi-band adaptive modulation technologies; automatic link establishment technology ALE-3G (advance development to ALE-4G).

HF Transceiver

Multiband Manpack Radio

Intercom System Tank

VHF Tactical Radio

VHF Tactical Handheld Radio

High Capacity & Frequency Hopping Radio Relay

Personal Role Radio

Viettel Integrated Radio Communication System