Displaying the entire picture of the combat situation, processing, analyzing and supporting the commander to make quick and accurate decisions.

 Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation's Command and Control system is built on mastering the most advance technologies available today, at the same time, VHT has been building its own hardware model for the system by separating the components in the C5ISR system into discrete services and functions such as: Connecting Communication,  ommand & Control, Computing, ISR, Cyber along with the respective technology platforms. VHT Corporation also orients the development of Command and Control systems focusing on the following factors:

• Open architecture, broad system scalability, capable of integrating different combat units, transmitting information and delivering orders to each soldier, attaching equipment to the system to ensure real-time combat coordination.

• Building a communication platform for the system with the following features: Wireless transmission, Transmission in low bandwidth conditions, transmission with high reliability. With the foundation and achieved results, VHT is forming a “multi-domain” command and control product: On the ground, at sea, in the air, in electromagnetic space, in cyberspace, connecting the entire command automation system of the arms of the whole army into an overall system.

National Air Defense Command and Control System

Electronic Warfare Command and Control System

Navy Command and Control System