General introduction

Viettel Integrated Radio Communication System is a solution enabling the combination of different information network systems to ensure communication, coordination and monitoring of information covering a wide range; being capable of integrating radio modules of existing private networks of customers and radio equipment modules manufactured by Viettel, ensuring smooth connection and information between systems.


  • Integrating and connecting different information systems: private network systems of customers: trunked radio system, fire radio network system, WiFi network, Ethernet LAN, civil AM and FM networks, HF, VHF and UHF operational and tactical information network systems of Viettel having been produced …
  • Expanding coverage of single information networks; ensuring communication capacity in a wide range from a few ten to hundred kilometers based on the use of existing infrastructure of telecommunications networks over IP connection (it is possible to work with many different mobile networks)
  • Integrated Gateway: 4 LTE/3G/GSM modules, 4 Ethernet ports (with PoE), Wifi module, GPS module, 2 USB ports
  • Radio module can be customized upon the request from customers
  • Data transmission services including voice transmission, image transmission, video streaming, data transmission on IP interface …
  • User authentication and authorization services, secure data access, geolocation services …
  • Performing as a secure private network or connecting to the Internet
  • Compact equipment with quick and easy deployment and high maneuverability
  • The system has high stability and redundancy