General introduction

VHF Tactical Radio is a frequency-hopping microwave radio transceiver using SDR technology, serving the tactical level; being capable of voice communication, data transmission, security encryption, anti-electronic warfare, oriented to equip the army up to the level of Infantry and Tank and Armored Division and Brigade.


  • A multi-purpose VHF transceiver, used at tactical level communications by brigades, infantry divisions or in tanks
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology: Flexible update capability (function, waveform)
  • Support services: voice, data, message communication
  • ECCM: Frequency-hopping assures reliable and successful operations in densely-jammed environments
  • High-speed data transmission: Adaptive, ARQ, broadcast
  • GNSS support: localization capability of soldiers
  • Relay capability: extend the communication range of radios
  • Remote control: full control, up to 5 km
  • Encryption: High-grade customizable & programmable encryption