General introduction

  • Viettel Site Router 10G is a switching equipment between mobile radio network, fixed access, enterprise network and transmission network. SRT can be used as a Cell-site router or Ethernet access router, designed with the task of synchronizing and aggregating traffic flows of Backhaul network. SRT is capable of prioritizing voice, data and signal flows for reliable transport over connections in the network, including E1 and Carrier Ethernet.
  • Products have been deployed in the markets of Vietnam.


  • Supporting Layer 2 (STP, VLAN, LACP, ...) and Layer 3 (OSPF, BGP, RIP v1 / v2, ...) protocols.
  • Supporting IP/MPLS (L2 VPN, L3 VPN).
  • Supporting decentralization and authentication via TACACS+ server.
  • Supporting Multicast feature (PIM SM, PIM SSM, PIM DM).
  • Supporting End-to-End service recovery for < 200 ms.
  • Being compatible with site routers of other vendors.


Unicast / Multicast switching capacity

56 Gbps

Packet handling capacity

77 Mbps

Number of optical ports

12 1-Gbps ports and 4 10-Gbps ports

Number of electrical ports

4 1-Gbps ports