General introduction

Personal Role Radio is a personal communication radio operated in the UHF band, ensures the tactical level comunication; Ensured radio communications in squads and special forces in a narrow range.


  • MESH ad-hoc network: self-creating, self-organizing, self-administering, infrastructure-less
  • Full-duplex operation: speaking and listening simultaneously
  • Voice conference: up to 6 talkers
  • Auto-relay: rebroadcast automatically of data/voice (up to 4 hops)
  • Gateway: allow radios connection to Combat Net Radio network
  • Act as a gateway allowing radios to connect to Combat Net Radio network
  • Video transmission: used with special camera to transmit real time video (advanced option)
  • Adaptive data transmission: flexible data rate depending on environmental conditions
  • GNSS support: localization capability of soldiers
  • Wireless Push-to-Talk: wirelessly control transmitting/receiving of radios
  • Encryption: High-grade customizable & programmable encryption