General introduction

National Air Defense Command and Control System is an automated system of command and control of air defense and air force operations. The system provides the commander with a picture of situation in the air, supporting the commander to make timely and accurate operational decisions.


  • Situational Awareness
  • Collect, process and gather information from military radars, civil radars and other intelligence sources
  • Provide Recognized Air Picture (RAP) and transmit to other related units
  • Support Decision-making Process
  • Air Defense Tactical support: Collect, process information, warn and assess the level of danger of flying targets, Calculate and display the combat capabilities of air defense units, Calculate and display system generated solution for weapon assignment, resources, equipment…, Exchange and Transmit information, commands and reports among levels
  • Air Force Guidance: Calculate the air route for the Air Force, Direct the aircraft follow the itinerary, check safety flight information, Direct the aircraft to the flying objects
  • Maintain and manage continuity of operations: Create manual tracks and support training, Manage systems (users, combat units...), Support data-recording mode and re-display in two modes: Data and Video