General introduction

HCRR is a high-speed broadband frequency-hopping radio transmission device. HCR provides high-speed radio transmission paths connecting IP to IP and TDM to TDM where wired transmission paths are unable to be deployed or under extreme conditions (natural disaster, war) in need of quick deployment. The device can be mounted on a fixed station or on a mobile vehicle.


  • High capacity line of sight radio relay with multi-mode, high-speed data transmission up to 100 Mbps
  • Support services: video, HDvoice, high-speed data transmission
  • Fast Frequency hopping with coverage of total 600 MHz in NATO Band 4
  • Multi-network interface support IP and TDM network
  • Support point to point, point to multi-point link
  • Advance ECCM function increase link availability
  • Adaptive Frequency Control, Frequency Hopping, Power Control, Coding & Modulation
  • High system gain
  • High sensitivity with robust modulation schemes
  • High gain tactical antenna
  • Highly linear receiver front-end wide dynamic range
  • Remote control with SNMP, Webserver