General introduction

HCRR is a high-speed broadband frequency-hopping radio transmission device. HCR provides high-speed radio transmission paths connecting IP to IP and TDM to TDM where wired transmission paths are unable to be deployed or under extreme conditions (natural disaster, war) in need of quick deployment. The device can be mounted on a fixed station or on a mobile vehicle.


  • Software Defined Radio: Flexible update capability (function, waveform)
  • Support voice, data, message communication
  • GNSS support: localization capability of soldiers
  • ECCM: Frequency-hopping assures reliable and successful operations in densely-jammed environments
  • Built-in high quality voice encoder: based on the Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction (MELP)
  • Dual frequency support
  • Detachable UI: Flexible and easily deployed in limited space
  • Remote control: Full control, up to 5 km
  • High-grade customizable & programmable encryption