General introduction

The firearms virtual trainer system gives practitioners a simulation environment where they use real guns to aim and shoot on a projection screen. The system provides different training modes such as basic shooting training, advanced technique training, or quick reflex training on multiple terrains.



  • A wireless recoil device is mounted on the real gun, which help keeping the gun’s frame and trigger parts intact, while also preserves various attributes, including sizes, weight and usage
  • The simulated scope for sniper rifles is meticulously designed based on the actual structure and operation of a real scope, providing high resolution images of the target
  • Projectile trajectory model has a high accuracy, with fully calculated environmental parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure and temperature
  • The system provides all kinds of management functions including: Managing shooting scenarios, automated scoring and managing results
  • Editor functions including: newly creating or editing shooting scenarios on both 2D and 3D interfaces, drag and drop API, simplified UI for parameter settings of shooting targets, shooters and enemy troops