General introduction

  • The driving training simulation system is a safe, economical and effective digital solution for automobile driving training.
  • The system uses modern simulation technology and equipment, bringing authentic experiences and interactions to students.
  • The system provides a variety of features and training programs which are suitable for levels and skills of many different types of learners.


  • Realistic simulation cabin with transmission con- trol cluster (steering wheel, gear lever, clutch, accelerator pedal, brake, ...) and a gauge system displaying speed, rotation, and fuel level equivalent to that of equipment getting on the real automobile.
  • A real-life training program, including a variety of driving lessons (traffic situations, urban area, highway, hilly mountain), allowing to adjust to environmental conditions and choose unexpected situations to improve situation handling skills.
  • Operation and monitoring system allows to monitor and evaluate the training process of learners.
  • Motion simulator allows the integration of a variety of motion simulators from 3 degrees of freedom to 6 degrees of freedom.
  • Appropriate operating space, faithfully recreating the feeling of movement.